Staff News


Samantha Good Bsc Hons will be with us Wednesdays and Fridays and helping out for holidays and in early 2018 we will also have David Good on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Dispensing Opticians

Louise York returned from Maternity Leave in February 2017. James Eastwood is helping when we need him. Joe Gordon has started training to be a qualified Dispensing Optician.

Other Staff

Claire Killey has started training to become a Vision Therapist. Joanne Ross joined the Team as a trainee Optometric Assisstant in July 2017.

New Keratographer

This is a new machine to look at the front of your eyes. It can map the corneal contours, great for a perfect contact lens fit; it can show exactly how your tear film dries out between blinks and helps us, to help you, to have more comfortable eyes.  Ask us abut it next time we see you.

Staff News

Gemma Bradford has successfully completed her training as a Dispensing Optician and is now fully qualified.

Cycle Racks for All

We now have 3 lovely new cycle racks outside the practice. Whilst these are primarily provided for our Clients and Staff, they are free to be used to increase cycle security for anyone in the village.

If you can think of any other improvements to the Practice that we could make please let us know. We love to hear your comments and are always willing to do what we can to improve your visits to us.

Updated Optomap

After 13 years of very heavy use, our Optomap Retinal Examination machine was replaced in September, by the latest version. It is a smaller and quieter machine, but has all the features of the previous version, plus a brand new scan that will reveal even more about the workings of your eyes. Just make sure you book for an Optomap at your next visit.

Free WiFi

Our free wifi access is proving very popular. Simply ask for the password when you arrive and enjoy free browsing whilst you are with us.

Which Report: Best Places to Buy Glasses July 2014

In July 2014 the magazine, Which, published a survey of 5,409 members, which clearly showed that Independent Optometrists are the favourite place to buy spectacles with a customer score of 88%. Many bigger High Street names were down the list, scoring as little as 59%.