Vision Training

Children and adults with good visual skills read faster and with less effort. As many as 1 in 5 never learn the key skills they need to keep up with their peers. Many adults struggle to read comfortably, others are left with vision problems following an injury, or a stroke.

Vision Training is a programme of activities aimed at improving eye co-ordination. This encourages the visual system to work more efficiently. Activities are tailored to help the brain focus and to direct the eyes more effectively. The best results will be achieved through a combination of in-practice appointments and work at home. We may also use spectacles, prisms, contact lenses and coloured tints and overlays to relieve visual stress.

Conditions that maybe helped include:-

  • Slow reading.
  • Poor tracking, skipping lines and words.
  • Poor attention.
  • Untidy writing.
  • Recurrent headaches.
  • Blurring & double vision.
  • Lazy eyes (amblyopia) and squints (strabismus).
  • Traumatic brain injuries, including stroke and concussion.

A Full Visual Assessement takes around an hour. It will be individually tailored to your age and needs.   Ms Low may advise spectacles, optometric vision training, referral to another body, or no action if there is no indication of a visual element to the problem.

If you would like a pre-assessment questionnaire or to discuss your case with Ms Low, please contact us.

If Vision Training is advised, a full course of training of 8 sessions will give the best start. An extension of one or more additional courses may be advised in moderate to severe cases. An introductory package of 2 appointments can be booked at first and credited towards a full course, if you decide to get the full benefit. Please click on the link to Vision Training Prices to the right of this page, for our fees.

Ms Low is accredited by the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists.