21st Century Spectacle Lenses have many special features.

Thinner and Lighter

  • New plastic technology can make your new spectacles thinner & lighter than before.

Reflection-free lenses and anti Fog including Crizal

  • Let more light through to your eyes.
  • Let others see your eyes without unwanted reflections.
  • Reduce glare and unwanted reflections, when driving at night
  • Maintain fog-free vision  as you open the oven or step indoors on a cold day.


  • Advances in technology mean much less ‘swim’ than before and ‘seamless’ vision.
  • You no longer have to have the line of a bifocal lens.

Personalised Lenses

  • You can now benefit from a truly individual lens design.
  • We would recommend this option if you:-
    • find new lenses difficult to adapt to.
    • have a higher prescription.
    • have a large difference in prescription between each eye.

The design of each lens is computed precisely. This will give you new lenses that are a joy to wear.

We supply lenses from a wide range of leading manufacturers including:-

Varilux – The original makers and modern innovators of Varifocal lenses.

Transitions – Lenses that change with the light.

Zeiss – Top quality optics.

Hoya – Clever lenses for all situations.

For a guide to spectacle lens prices click here.