Sunglasses and Tints

Everyone knows that your sunglasses must look good, feel great and be fully protective. But what if you already wear spectacles outdoors? Of course you will want to be able to see through your sunglasses, just as well as your everyday spectacles.

At Orriss and Low, nearly all of our sunglass styles can be fitted with prescription lenses, these include:-

  • Maui Jim. Rimless,  unique colour corrective, polarising lenses in brown, green or grey tones. Simply brilliant.
  • Daytona. Great style at a great package price. Plain tinted, graduated, polarising or Transitions lenses available.
  • Zoobug and for children.
  • Convertibles.  A Polarising or Transitions clip that exactly fits your every day frame. Tiny magnets are used to make them fit seamlessly.

You can also choose sunglass quality lenses in any of our standard frames. We just need to ensure that they are big enough to cover your eyes for perfect protection.