NHS Sight Tests

You are entitled to a FREE NHS Sight Test if you:

  • Are aged 60 or over.
  • Are under 16.
  • Are under 19 and still in full time education.
  • Are a diagnosed glaucoma patient.
  • Have been advised by an ophthalmologist that you are at risk of glaucoma.
  • Are aged 40 or over and are a  parent, brother, sister or child of a diagnosed glaucoma patient.
  • Have been diagnosed as diabetic.
  • Are registered as severely sight impaired/blind or sight impaired/partially sighted.
  • Need complex lenses. Prescriptions over 10.00D or bifocals with a prism in only one section.
  • Are in receipt of, or are included in the award of someone getting Income Support or other income based benefit. These would include Income based Job Seekers, Income related Employment Support or Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.
  • Are entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate.
  • Are named on a valid HC2 certifcate.
  • You may get partial help if you are named on a valid HC3 certificate.

You may be asked to show written proof of your entitlement. This is required by the Department of Health.

The NHS Sight Test includes:

  • A check of your sight and your spectacle prescription
  • A basic examination of your eye health and binocular vision
  • Glaucoma screening.
  • Advice and your spectacle prescription

If you need or want extra time to discuss more complex concerns, such as:-

  • Dry, itchy or red eyes.
  • Queries about hospital advice or treatment options.
  • A second opinion.
  • A child who is not succeeding with learning.
  • Whether contact lenses are for you.

We suggest that you book an Extended NHS Examination for an additional fee.

We also offer you many other services outside the NHS, such as Contact Lenses, Vision Training, in depth Visual Fields, Optomap Retinal Examination and OCT Scans.