Eye Examinations

Our Full Eye Examination and Extended NHS Examination include:

  • A check on your sight and your spectacle prescription.
  • An in-depth examination of your eye health and binocular vision.
  • A  glaucoma screening PLUS more in depth checks if indicated.
  • Advice and your spectacle prescription.
  • Extra time to look into, and discuss such things as:
    • Dry, itchy or red eyes.
    • Queries about hospital advice or treatment options.
    • A second opinion.
    • The options for contact lenses for you.
    • ANY more complex concern that you may have.

This level of care is included in our Gold Eyecare Plan.

If the examination suggests an abnormality, further tests may be advised. These tests can be carried out in a hospital, or you may choose for us to do them for you.  A fee will be charged.  Your Optometrist will explain the options to you.

Free NHS Sight Tests are available for those who are entitled.