Contact Lenses

There are 3 steps to happy contact lens wear:

1. FREE One-Day Trial

  • Let us put lenses in for you and wear them for a 3 or 4 hour trial.
  • Love them or leave them, no obligation, no fee.

2. Trial & Fitting

  • We teach you to handle the lenses.
  • You enjoy them for a week or two.
  • We finalise the perfect fit for you.
  • You just pay a one off fitting fee.

3. Sign up to Eyecare plan or Pay as You Go

  • Eyecare plan is a regular, monthly payment by Direct Debit that includes all the contact lenses, solutions and aftercare that you need.
  • Starting from just £17.50 per month.
  • As an Eyecare Plan member, you will receive all the care and reassurance that you need for trouble-free contact lens wear and great discounts on anything you buy from us. Up to 40% off spectacles.
  • For Pay as You Go  click here Contact Lens Price list for guide prices or ask us. We have a more comprehensive leaflet of contact lens prices avalaible in the practice.

As Independent Optometrists, we can find you the very best lenses to suit you, your visual requirements and your lifestyle. Lenses we supply include:-

Daily Disposable Soft lenses. Worn once & discarded. Always a fresh lens.

Monthly Disposable Soft lenses. Each pair are worn daily for a month. Minimum costs.

Continuous Wear Soft lenses. Worn 24/7 for 30 days. Minimum handling.

Gas Permeable lenses. Easy to clean, low cost and long lasting. Give the sharpest vision.

Continuous Wear Gas Permeable lenses. As above, worn 24/7. Minimum handling and low cost.

Multifocal lenses. All-in-one lenses for the over 45s, giving clear vision at all distances. No reading glasses required.

Toric lenses. For astigmatism. Soft and Gas Permeable.

Keratoconus lenses. GP, Soft and combinations of the two for eyes that suffer from this corneal condition.

OrthoK lenses (Corneal Refractive Therapy). Worn overnight ONLY, no lenses worn during waking hours.

Click here for our comprehensive Contact Lens Price list